Arch Linux: NAEV now included in Community repository.

The packages (naev and naev-data) are still quite new, so some mirrors may not have synced yet.

Special thanks to cleanrock, who created and maintained the Arch User Repository PKGBUILD, and to those who voted for NAEV’s inclusion in the official repositories, without which we’d likely not be packaged.

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3 comments to Arch Linux: NAEV now included in Community repository.

  • Josephnexus

    You should also let people know that Naev is available on playdeb.net for those of us running Ubuntu. It’s been there for a while, but not everyone knows about it.

  • bobbens

    Could add a download link here with links for distros and the likes.

  • Josephnexus

    That would be a valuable resource I believe.

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