Behold, NAEV’s Lua GUI in full.

Thanks largely to Scaatis, we now have a new GUI that takes full advantage of the Lua API:

Scaled down from 1024×768. Click for original.

Most of the non-combat information has been shifted to the new bottom bar, and the view port has been made slightly smaller so that ships and off-screen indicators aren’t obscured by the . . . → Read More: Behold, NAEV’s Lua GUI in full.

A little something I’m working on

For some time now, I’ve been scripting missions for Naev. Unfortunately, it usually turns out that what I want to do isn’t currently doable on the engine, which means poor bobbens has to come to the rescue and code support for whatever it is. I expect this trend to continue.

At the moment, I’m working on two . . . → Read More: A little something I’m working on

Next steps to 0.5.0

I’ve been asked multiple times what the ETA for 0.5.0 is. For now, the answer is “when it’s done”, but going over the TODO, it seems like it’ll be around New Years. Many of our original goals are done, but the list seems to grow faster than features are finished; here’s what’s left:

Weapon Revamp – Removes . . . → Read More: Next steps to 0.5.0

Background effects: Improving screenshots since 2010.

Space is an immense, largely vacuous void. The ratio of nothingness to interesting phenomena is pitifully high. Among even those rare phenomena, the amount perceptible by the human eye pales in comparison to wider-wavelength recording combined with false colours.

Fortunately, however, NAEV is a game, not a simulator. It’s a bit boring to fly over endless blackness . . . → Read More: Background effects: Improving screenshots since 2010.

Save the Events!

After a post in the forum reminded me that it’s stupid that events can’t save themselves. I have decided to correct that. So finally after ages of having events sort of naturally die we have persistent events. Events work different from missions and in this aspect too. For an event to be saved you must explicitly . . . → Read More: Save the Events!

GUI now in Lua

As part of the move to make NAEV more dynamic and flexible the GUI is now written in Lua. If you try the ewarfare branch you’ll notice it hasn’t changed, however the backend has been completely rewritten. What does this mean for the players? Well Scaatis is working on a much fancier GUI that takes advantage . . . → Read More: GUI now in Lua