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For some time now, I’ve been scripting missions for Naev. Unfortunately, it usually turns out that what I want to do isn’t currently doable on the engine, which means poor bobbens has to come to the rescue and code support for whatever it is. I expect this trend to continue.

At the moment, I’m working on two small, independent campaigns. The first is the “shadow” string, which focuses on a secretive organization the player gets to join. The second is the “mad baron” string, which revolves around, well, a rather eccentric baron character.

Missions for the shadow string, present and planned, include:

  1. Shadowrun
    This is the first mission in the string, and one of the first missions I ever wrote. Originally, this mission had a small cluster of separate helper missions, one for each NPC featured in the bar on Durea. Support for multiple NPCs was later added, and the helper missions were merged into the main mission script.
  2. Shadow Vigil
    Though Shadowrun was originally a one-off mission, I later decided to turn it into a bigger story arc. Shadow Vigil is the second mission in that arc. It makes use of several features that were recently implemented at the time, such as big systems and the improved HUD for communications, which also includes support for NPC-to-player hailing. It also required several tweaks and additions for pilot manual control, and in a recent revision also makes use of the new camera system.
    Shadow Vigil will be included in the 0.5.0 release.
  3. Dark Shadow
    This is a mission I’m currently in the process of writing. The main focus is to make the player avoid groups of enemy ships, but this is difficult to accomplish because the systems stretch infinitely in all directions, and there is currently no real way to add obstacles (later on this will be sort-of doable through use of asteroids). It seems likely this mission is at least going to need the system overlay map to work well. This feature is on the TODO for 0.5.0, so maybe this mission will make it in for the release.
  4. Shadow Purgatory
    I plan on making this a “long-term” mission. Rather than giving the player a set list of instructions to follow in sequence, the mission will give the player an overall goal that can be accomplished on the go. The player will focus on doing other things, but sometimes an opportunity will present itself to further this mission.
  5. Shadow Exorcism
    In this second-to-last episode, the storyline will build to a climax. The mission will feature big engagements featuring many ships.
  6. Fade into the Shadow
    The mission to wrap up the storyline, all loose ends will be tied up in what I hope will be a satisfying conclusion. Again, combat will be the main focus of this mission.

Missions for the mad baron string, present and planned, include:

  1. Baron
    A relatively short and simple mission, the player’s only real goal is to fly from one point to another. This mission was one of the first to use NPC-to-player hailing.
  2. Prince
    In a somewhat more complex mission, the player is tasked to retrieve objects from multiple planets at the same time. To allow this mission to function properly, the system-level improved mission markers needed to be implemented.
    Prince is a mission that will be included in the 0.5.0 release, though it stands to be balanced a little more in the meantime.
  3. King
    This is a mission that will not be done for some time. The main focus is to steal a Za’lek experimental battlecruiser and deliver it to the mad baron. This implies that House Za’lek will need to be included first, as will a model for said experimental ship. Furthermore, the Lua API will need functions that let mission scripters change the player’s ship and the installed outfits without intervention from the player. Finally, to make the mission work, landing on normal planets and stations must be disabled, which implies a system for better landing and bribing. That’s a lot of requirements for a single mission.
  4. Emperor
    In the final mission of the mad baron string, the focus is to alienate the player from the baron, give him the feeling that he might not be doing anyone any favours by working for him. Where most strings will end up giving the player a sense of accomplishment, this one will leave him feeling disillusioned.

I think it’s fairly clear that a lot of time will pass before I can finish these strings, but I hope they will be worth the wait.

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  • Guest

    Cool story, bro. It’s always good to have feasible goals to aspire towards. As long as the team continues to have fun in this project, it probably wouldn’t matter that it takes some time to get these goals done – you’re all having fun, right?

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