Background effects: Improving screenshots since 2010.

Space is an immense, largely vacuous void. The ratio of nothingness to interesting phenomena is pitifully high. Among even those rare phenomena, the amount perceptible by the human eye pales in comparison to wider-wavelength recording combined with false colours.

Fortunately, however, NAEV is a game, not a simulator. It’s a bit boring to fly over endless blackness with nothing but stars to keep you company. Ships and large planets, while pretty, come and go with alarming rapidity.

To that end, we’ve endeavoured to make NAEV more visually enticing by implementing support for background graphics. In all, there are more than 30 backgrounds, with more to come, hopefully. I suppose it’s time to let the pictures do the talking (Note: They’re much larger in-game):

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4 comments to Background effects: Improving screenshots since 2010.

  • Hey!
    Nice looking background you’ve got there =)

    I’ve been working on a 2D top down space simulator similar to Naev since 2007 (Inbetween work related projects).

    Are you planning to add multiplayer?

    Just out of curiosity, how many people are working in Naev?

    Kudos for bringing the genre aliev!


    PS: You can download Lone Star v0.7a at http://www.box.net/shared/0hsk6mh48q

  • josephnexus

    This will really make things look polished.

  • Deiz

    Multiplayer is a long-term goal. It brings many issues with it (non-linear time is assumed currently for jumps, landing, etc.) so the initial implementation will almost assuredly be a single-system deathmatch of sorts.

    As for the development team size, it’s somewhat hard to quantify. The day-to-day core is a handful of people. Contributors (mostly artists, some mission-writers) number many more than that. “Active”, I’d say there’s somewhat less than ten of us.

  • Guest

    Whoa. This little feature will make cargo runs a little more spectacular than they are now.

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