GUI now in Lua

As part of the move to make NAEV more dynamic and flexible the GUI is now written in Lua. If you try the ewarfare branch you’ll notice it hasn’t changed, however the backend has been completely rewritten. What does this mean for the players? Well Scaatis is working on a much fancier GUI that takes advantage of the most advanced features of NAEV. Look forward to it in the ewarfare branch soon.

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3 comments to GUI now in Lua

  • josephnexus

    So does this mean that it would be fairly easy to make a dual screen gui? On my machine the screen stretches across to be 3840×1080. Being able to utilize the other screen would be awesome.

  • bobbens

    Well the API isn’t that advanced yet. If I add some way to restrict and limit the actual windowspace which is more or less needed for the eternal bottom display stuff it would be possible. However we don’t have an actual way to know you’re dual screen so you’d need to run a custom GUI designed for it.

  • josephnexus

    What I picture is having a bunch of preset guis that can be used. So since I’m running 3840×1080, I would pick the gui for that and it would go on it’s way happily. That way it doesn’t need to know that I’m really dual screen. It’s similar to how my wallpaper doesnt need to know I’m dualscreen, just that it’s wide, really wide.

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