bigsys absorbs ewarfare

For those of you using git you may want to know that from now on the ‘ewarfare’ will no longer exist. The ‘bigsys’ branch will contain everything from before and be the new active dev point. Does this mean that ewarfare is balanced? No, however we’ll be reworking bigsys, ewarfare and heat all at once. However, first we’ll get around to time compression which is needed for bigsys to be truly complete (well that and mouse targetting). The merge was immortalized with the following message on IRC:

[20:16:15]      CIA-110 | naev: Edgar Simo bigsys * r3041839 / src/player.c : * Game should no longer segfault when loading a game where pilot is in an inexistant ship with ships available. (+599 more commits…) – http://bit.ly/9kMTD7

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