Weapon Sets

As you may know, the secondary weapon model we have is the secondary weapon model imported from Escape Velocity. While this model is very simple, it is very limited and isn’t flexible at all. With the new outfit layouts that we have in NAEV it makes no sense to keep on using the obsolete secondary weapon model. This got us thinking and after a proposal to the mailing list some functionality was discussed. I’m proud to say it’s now implemented.

The new weapon model consists in a new concept that we call weapon sets. The weapon sets are divided in two groups:

  • Fire Sets: These are weapon sets that when activated fire all the weapons in the set. This allows you to launch missiles without having to change active weapon set.
  • Active Sets: These are weapon sets that define what you shoot with the primary and secondary fire buttons. When activated you switch to the active set chosen.

Showing off an active set with primary and secondary weapons.

So basically you will use an active group to shoot your turrets and/or forward weapons and would generally bind fighter bays or launchers to fire groups so that they can be fired without delay. To show off the new functionality the new slim gui lists all the weapons you have and all their stats. You can now see the cooldown on each individual weapon. This allows much more fine-tuned control during combat.

Showing off a fire weapon set with a headhunter launcher.

This may all sound complicated but it’s pretty simple once you get a hang of it. Also you can enable the weapon set autoset (which is enabled by default) and manages your weapon sets. It’s pretty minimalistic but it’s what the AI uses and they’re quite happy with it. Also note that each weapon set configuration is per-ship. So you have unlimited customizations in that sense and we encourage you to keep on trying different ships.

View of the GUI displaying primary and secondary weapons.

You can access the weapon set configuration menu through the info menu (default keybinding i). The default keybindings for the weapon sets are the number keys each corresponding to the same weapon set of which you have 10 available.

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