Mouse Targeting

Possibly what could be considered the last of the large planned features has been implemented. This is mouse targeting. Well what  does mouse targeting mean. It has two implications, the first is that in the regular game screen while flying around you can now target ships. However you can also target jump points, planets and ships with the overlay map. This means that you do not necessarily have to go through long boring cycles to try to select a ship to board, or a ship on the map.

Hopefully the feature will be cool and enjoyable for all. If someone doesn’t exactly like the implementation or think it could be better (or more natural) don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Finally, what is next? Well now we have the long complicated task of balancing and implementing new outfits. This daunting task will be done in the “balance” branch as it will most likely mess up everything. We’ve already integrate some of the ideas from the forums like the damage rejection. It seems like we may be ahead of schedule for 0.5.0, but I make no promises.

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2 comments to Mouse Targeting

  • Asmageddon

    I thought that this project was long dead.
    Then I checked the dev blog and… wow!
    Good luck to you all and never resign, I really want this project to succeed.
    Tell me if I can help with anything.
    I could write name and level generators for stuff, eventually create content(but rather not graphics, I can only do pixel-art and simple 3d stuff quite well :p)
    I’m Asmageddon AT that mail from google.com :>

  • me


    Just so you know, NAEV made it into the games repository over at openSUSE. Here is the package mainpage:


    And the repository link:


    Note that it is also built for Fedora 12/13 and Mandriva 2010.1 as well as openSUSE 11.1/11.2/11.3 (working on Mandriva 2010.0 still)

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