Overlay Keybinding Change

Some of you may have realized that the overlay now maps the overlay map keybinding to tab. This makes it hard to select ships. How to fix this?

  1. Go to options
  2. Click keybindings
  3. Find the target_next and click set
  4. Click the ‘t’ key
  5. Find the target_prev and click set
  6. Hold the control key and click the ‘t’ key

That should bind the old tab to the t. Another way to do this is to change the ~/.naev/conf.lua and edit the target_next and target_prev lines to be like:

— Cycles through ship targets.
target_next = { type = “keyboard”, mod = “none”, key = “t” }
— Cycles backwards through ship targets.
target_prev = { type = “keyboard”, mod = “ctrl”, key = “t” }

In more drastic cases you can just delete your conf.lua and let the game regenerate it. Anyway I think the best way to deal with it is like this, although it may be annoying for those with old installs. If there is a lot of noise about this I could make it gently replace it or even ask on load, but that’s a bit trickier and since I don’t intend to change many more keybindings I don’t believe it’s needed.

Sorry for the annoyance.

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