Correct Physics


After much insistence on Deiz that something was wrong since we needed a hack to get ships to properly display 100% speed, we’ve finally found the culprit. Some old code of mine that what it did was:

void limit_speed( Vector2d* vel, const double speed, const double dt )
 double vmod;
vmod = . . . → Read More: Correct Physics

Fancy new menu

After lots of nagging and harassing of developers we finally have it! The great epic new fancy main menu background, and what could be fancier than naev itself? Yes the background is a system (specifically it’s the start system for now). It’ll be a bit fancier in the future but you can now enjoy the awesomeness. . . . → Read More: Fancy new menu

NAEV 0.4.2 is now available in openSUSE

While development continues towards 0.5.0, increased availability of the current stable release is always a good thing. NAEV can now be found in the openSUSE Games repository.

See here for downloadable packages for openSUSE 11.3. There are also packages built for a number of other RPM-based distributions, including Mandriva and Fedora listed by the build service, downloadable . . . → Read More: NAEV 0.4.2 is now available in openSUSE

Big Big Systems

So what happens when you take big systems and inject them with pure essence of big? You get Big Big Systems. How big are we talking? If an old system maybe had an effective radius of 3.75 kpx or so, now we have radius of 25 kpx. That’s a pretty big increase. How long does it . . . → Read More: Big Big Systems