As part of our move to become more independent from Google’s services, which should allow us more flexibility and comfort, we have decided to host our own wiki. This wiki will allow us to organize proposals, todo and overall design considerations by centralizing them. This does not make either the forums or the mailing list obsolete, . . . → Read More: Wikinaev

Naev Etymology

Today we’ll talk about the name of this game: it’s history, pronunciation and how to write it. First off a bit of history, as you probably do know, NAEV originally stood for “Neutron Accelerated Extreme Velocity” although “Not Another Escape Velocity” was also widely accepted. The original idea was to sort of create an improved clone . . . → Read More: Naev Etymology

0.5.0 Alpha Gameplay

Recently the new x.org brought me frustration. My open source driver broke down and I was left without being able to run Naev. After realizing I needed a kernel upgrade I found out the biggest benefit of gallium3d: I can make videos! So kudos to the open source ati driver team. Here’s a video showing off . . . → Read More: 0.5.0 Alpha Gameplay