0.5.0 Alpha Gameplay

Recently the new x.org brought me frustration. My open source driver broke down and I was left without being able to run Naev. After realizing I needed a kernel upgrade I found out the biggest benefit of gallium3d: I can make videos! So kudos to the open source ati driver team. Here’s a video showing off preliminary 0.5.0 alpha gameplay in the balance branch.

Things to note:

  • I’m using forward cannons, swivel for the win!
  • Using HatlessAtlas’ new AI, it’s harder to follow and track them
  • Pretty backgrounds (for those who haven’t seen 0.5.0 in action)
  • Smooth camera and dynamic zoom (zoom will be revised a bit more probably)
  • New rumble (it’s preliminary, but much smoother)
  • Penetration model (I barely get hurt – maybe more balancing needed)
  • New weapons

This is not meant to be a really serious video, just me fooling off and showing my awesome ship build and mad skills.

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