Naev Etymology

Today we’ll talk about the name of this game: it’s history, pronunciation and how to write it. First off a bit of history, as you probably do know, NAEV originally stood for “Neutron Accelerated Extreme Velocity” although “Not Another Escape Velocity” was also widely accepted. The original idea was to sort of create an improved clone of the original Escape Velocity game. However with the 0.5.0 release we will transcend that. Naev is no longer a clone and therefore no longer an acronym, it is now a proper noun. So from now on no more NAEV, only Naev! You may notice I have been changing that, this unification of criteria will make it easier to handle and no longer cause confusion.

Now onto pronunciation, how is it pronounced? In case someday we hold a Naev meet or the likes we should all know how to pronounce it so we don’t make a mess and fools of ourselves (we probably will anyway). The proper way to pronounce Naev is /nɑ.ɛv/ if I got right my symbols (would need confirmation). I know most of you pronounce it more like knave, but trust me, that is wrong.

For those who still have doubts on how to pronounce: Naev Pronounciation

Naev /nɑ.ɛv/ An open source action/RPG space video game.

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8 comments to Naev Etymology

  • Or, more simple, nighve or like naive but without the ‘ee’.

  • so.. No More Uppercase?

  • bobbens

    No, uppercase indicates an acronym. Naev has broken free from it’s Escape Velocity routes and now flies free.

  • Deiz

    Clearly, European language influence is to blame. I continue to be partial to the ‘knave’ pronunciation.

    Caesar? See-zar
    *nix daemon? Day-mon
    Daemon with horns? Dee-mon
    Naev? Knave! “Neev” would be weird, and I’m not sure how the na-ev “nive” comes about.

  • mazling

    The new ‘Naev’ sounds like ‘knife’. I quite like this.

  • blendercross

    great movement in the dev.
    nice to see this :)

  • konaya

    “I know most of you pronounce it more like knave, but trust me, that is wrong.” According to whom? If it’s spelled a certain way, it’s pronounced a certain way. If it’s spelled “Naev”, it’s pronounced like “knave”. Telling people that it’s wrong would be like painting a chair red and tell people to regard it as green “because I painted it!”.

    Hm. How would it be pronounced if one added an umlaut to the “e”? Naëv?

  • bobbens

    First off, English is a messy language, in the sense that no matter really how it’s spelled it can be pronounced a billion different ways. Secondly, this was just to try to agree on it and normalize it. I know many people pronounce it differently but if we ever meet up it would be interesting to not be caught all pronouncing it completely differently. The pronunciation is according to “me” who you can say “invented” the word Naev. You’re free to pronounce it however you want, to all practical effects this means moot.

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