What if Naev had cheat codes?

Many of you will have used the in-game Lua console to cheat, or at least know how to. But I was thinking, what if cheating was a feature? So I came up with this for the on-start event:

godsequence = {“left”, “right”, “left”, “right”,
. . . → Read More: What if Naev had cheat codes?

New tutorial

You’ve all seen it. The message asking you if you wanted to play a tutorial whenever you created a new pilot. Well, I’m pleased to say that message won’t be bothering you anymore, because the tutorial has a new face.

Main menu with tutorial button

So, a new tutorial. What is different? Well, first of all the . . . → Read More: New tutorial

Merge into Master

As a good sign of what’s going on, all changes have been merged into master and development is now going to be done there. Some stats on the change:

naev: Edgar Simo master * rc7d316d / (9 files in 3 dirs): Merge branch ‘balance’ of git://github.com/Deiz/naev into tutorial (+1161 more commits…) – http://bit.ly/fmcrdB

[bobbens@ghanima (~/usr/prj/naev)] $ git diff . . . → Read More: Merge into Master

Manual Zoom and Dizzyness

It has come to my attention that numerous people become dizzy while playing Naev. As it is to my interest that no physical discomfort happen while playing Naev I’ve dealt with probably the first cause which is the zoom. While the zoom is nice to have automatic (and you can tweak it’s behaviour), it seems like . . . → Read More: Manual Zoom and Dizzyness