Merge into Master

As a good sign of what’s going on, all changes have been merged into master and development is now going to be done there. Some stats on the change:

naev: Edgar Simo master * rc7d316d / (9 files in 3 dirs): Merge branch 'balance' of git://github.com/Deiz/naev into tutorial (+1161 more commits...) - http://bit.ly/fmcrdB

[bobbens@ghanima (~/usr/prj/naev)] $ git diff origin | wc -l

As you can see it’s a pretty big change. I’d consider it a new game. Anyway, on the 0.5.0 beta we’re waiting on finishing the new tutorial and then we’ll do some quick check ups and code analysis before the release. This won’t be the official release, just a beta as it’s still buggy and such. However it does give a change to get some mass testing done to get a nice polished 0.5.0 release. So after over 1000 commits and 100k line diff we are finally nearing the awaited 0.5.0 release, albeit with like a 3 month delay of the original goals, however  this release is so ambitious I believe it’s totally worth it.

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4 comments to Merge into Master

  • oldtopman

    Three words: YAY!

  • mazling

    Bah! As long as people can see that work continues you can take as long as you want.
    lI’m Looking forward to this 😉

  • Cypher

    Ahhh, a great day. Can’t remember the last time this happened.


  • Drifton

    Woot!!, Thanks for all the hard work, i know what its like to bring out a release thanks guys look forward to having an offical release been playing the bigsys and balance so this should be fun :)

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