Naev 0.5.0-beta1 released!

The Naev 0.5.0-beta1 release.

The Naev team is proud to announce the long-awaited 0.5.0-beta1 release. This is a beta release and therefore isn’t quite ready for the general public. While it’s highly unlikely that it will set your cat on fire and send threatening messages to your family, there are no guarantees.

It’s been over a year since 0.4.2, but this is a major step forward in maturity. The original intent for 0.5.0 was to work out many of the important low-level features and gameplay mechanics to avoid jarring shifts in gameplay in future releases. Feature creep being what it is, 0.5.0 has perpetually grown more ambitious over time. We hope to do a better job of “release early, release often” after this beta.

Compared to 0.4.2, Naev 0.5.0 is essentially a new game. While older saves can be loaded in 0.5.0-beta1, we highly recommend that players start new games. Many things have changed: The galaxy looks quite different, some older missions are absent or have been wholly rewritten, and there’s a wealth of new ships and equipment. For the best experience, start fresh.

On a side note, a number of songs in this release are encoded at a lower quality than in Git, for size reasons. Google Code has a “technical limitation” of 200 MB per file and our current Git ndata size is 214 MB (and growing). We may have to distribute the final 0.5.0 release through BitTorrent or another hosting service for this reason.

We don’t expect this release to be perfect (it’s a beta after all), and what we need most right now are testers to run through the many 0.4.2-era missions and other content. The more testing the beta gets, the better the final release can be. So please, report any issues to us via the Google Code bug tracker or on IRC.

Changelog (long, but still likely missing some things):

For Players

  • Bigger universe
    • Expanded Dvaered, Frontier, Empire territories
    • All new Sirius territory
    • Preliminary Soromid area (Not inhabited yet)
    • New Pirate system
  • Big systems
    • More planets in systems
    • Bigger planets in systems, more planet graphics
    • Players must fly to jump points before jumping to another system
  • Electronic warfare
    • Ships have cloaking and detection abilities
    • Sensor range depends on cloak vs detection
    • Turrets no longer track all ships equally
  • Fancier targeting method
  • Random bar NPCs
  • On-map security rating abandoned in favour of faction presence indicators
  • More diverse planetary inventories (see the tech system)
  • Outfit slots now have sizes
  • System backgrounds (nebulae, stars and more!).
  • Fancier new GUI.
  • Weapon sets allow to easily configure different weapon configurations for each ship.
  • Heat system replaces accuracy making ships more accurate at first.
  • Overlay map helps navigate and visualize the environment.
  • Mouse targeting.
  • Damage absorption and penetration system.
  • Continuous time model.
  • New tutorial that is independent from the main game.
  • Mouse flying.
  • Images in intro.
  • Lots more content!

For Developers (mission and likewise)

  • Faction presence
    • Replaces security and simple fleet spawning
    • Fleet spawning is now controlled through lua on a per-faction basis
  • Universe and System editor
    • Allows easy and quick modification of the universe
    • Allows creation and manipulation of planets, systems and jumps
    • Allows selection of planet graphics
  • New tech system
    • Techs are groups containing outfits, ships or other techs.
    • Assets (formerly planets) sell whatever is in their assigned techs.
  • Hook improvements
    • Pilot hooks pass arguments by default
    • You can now pass custom arguments to hooks
    • Many new hooks.
  • Removed old timer system to new hook-based timer system
  • Improvements to the in-game console
  • Missions can now use more than a single mission marker
  • SDL_image is no longer a dependency.
  • Events can now be saved.
  • GUI can be written in Lua.
  • Camera can be modified.

That’s all for now, good luck and good flying!

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15 comments to Naev 0.5.0-beta1 released!

  • crimson_shade

    YATTA!! Finally I can play the latest release. 😀

  • great work everybody i love it!

  • mazling

    Great work, I’ll get my testing hat on!

  • sd

    No mac version? Seriously?

  • bobbens

    Sorry we have no one on the devteam that does the mac release. It’s provided usually by ericm who we’ve already contacted.

  • Joseph Brower

    So is this considered the current “Production” release or should we be waiting for a 0.5 final?

  • bobbens

    As mentioned in the post, this is UNSTABLE. We have already fixed many bugs. There are many more to fix. 0.5.0 will be 100% stable.

  • fan

    what can i do to make the game work fluently on my pc? during overlay map flight and when to many ships are in one system it stagnates, which functions should i disable?

  • bobbens

    You can try disabling the backgrounds, but when autonav is on, simulation can be run 20x faster (or more) which puts a strain on the CPU (lots of stuff being simulated). We hope to be able to improve that by adding lua-jit support and in a far future maybe thread it. For now you can try editting dat/bkg/default.lua and making it return early.

  • MattF

    Stupid question: Will we be able to turn down the sun? Since it tends to remain in the center even as you fly around a star system, it’s usually right there whenever I have to engage in combat, dulling my reaction time a little with its glare. I’d rather not have to deal with it, if possible. Is there anything I can do, or is this a design decision you’ve wedded yourself to?

  • cb4

    I built the beta from source no problem with XCode on my Mac – I just needed to add a couple of new tutorial-related source files to the project.

    I have to agree with MattF about the sun – I don’t mind the glare but the weirdness is that the stars pass BEHIND the sun yet move faster, which is very disorienting because your brain thinks that slower moving objects should be farther away. Not sure how to solve this – maybe two “star” layers where the front one is “dust” and passes in front of the sun and the back one is stars that are behind the sun and move slower than it.

    I definitely understand the desire to have the sun appear large (in which case it must move slowly so you perceive it as being far away) but also to have a frame of reference for the motion of the ship (the stars).

  • bobbens

    The old stars (white pixels) are now space dust (post 0.5.0-beta1) and the new stars (big blinding things) are rendered behind them. On the contrast issue itself, we have some proposals, but I’m not too happy with the solutions and am still thinking of ways to get around it. First solution is to module the contrast of objects above it. This would make stuff stand out. Another would would be to artificially darken the star a bit when it’s in the center based on how blinding it is. Will need more thought.

  • […] este 0.5.0-beta1. Aceasta versiune aduce cu ea multe schimbari; pentru detalii accesati acest link. Instalarea jocului: – deschideti un terminal si creati directorul naev, prin comanda mkdir naev – […]

  • Hello nice game; this is the very first of this type i play and like.

    My suggestion to you: change the way ships accelerate; i got money to buy the goddard ship and when it builds speed to get to a hyperspace jump place the fps drops from 100 (limit set by me instead of 200) to 7 fps. This happens often but it happens more when the solar system that i visit has many ships flying in it.
    OS: Debian 6
    GPU: Nvidia Geforce 9400 GT :)

  • […] Ce este Naev: Naev is a 2D space trading and combat game, in a similar vein to Escape Velocity. Naev is played from a top-down perspective, featuring fast-paced combat, many ships, a large variety of equipment and a large galaxy to explore. The game is highly open-ended, letting you proceed at your own pace. Cerintele jocului(a.k.a dependinte): SDL, SDL_image, SDL_mixer, OpenGL, libxml 2, Freetype 2, libpng 1.2, OpenAL, libvorbis, si binutils. Aceste programe se pot instala prin intermediul administratorului de pachete al distributiei linux folosite(cazul meu Synaptic sub Debian 6) sau din linia de comanda cu apt-get install libsdl1.2debian libsdl-image1.2 libsdl-mixer1.2 libgl1-mesa-dri libxml2 libfreetype6 libpng12-0 libopenal1 libvorbis0a. Pentru mai multe informatii despre dependintele pe care trebuie sa le instalati in caz de compilare din cod sursa vizitati pagina de wiki. Versiune de joc disponibila: Din ce am putut citi pe blogul echipei, cea mai recenta versiune este 0.5.0-beta1. Aceasta versiune aduce cu ea multe schimbari; pentru detalii accesati acest link. […]

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