Naev 0.5.0-beta2 is here!

Screenshot of Naev 0.5.0-beta2.

The Naev devteam is proud to announce the release of Naev 0.5.0-beta2. This is the second beta and is closer to a release candidate than a beta. We do not anticipate any major issues unlike with 0.5.0-beta1. We prefer to have another beta so the 0.5.0 release is rock solid.

Links are available on the downloads page.

The changelog is as follows:

  • Features
    • All missions reviewed for playability, many fixed and otherwise improved
    • New mission and other minor content additions
    • Timed cargo missions are less punishingly difficult
    • Weapon cycling account for heat – coolest fires first
    • GUI improvements
      • Ship heat is represented by a bar
      • Turrets have an indicator for how well they can track the current target
      • Better-optimized for narrower screens
    • New graphics
      • New background nebula images
      • Several new portraits
    • New planets and systems
    • Autonav exit condition can be set to anywhere between missile lock and 100% armour
    • Time acceleration multiplier can be limited to avoid lagging on slower computers
    • Minor improvements to ship and outfit availability
    • Sound system improvements
    • Support for using system Lua/Luajit/Csparse libraries
  • Bugs
    • Credit modification glitches fixed
    • Remedied a variety of minor compiler issues
    • Typo fixes in missions, planet and outfit descriptions
    • Ships will no longer jitter when taking damage while getting ready to jump
    • Many graphical elements (player messages, target indicators, etc.) now ignore time accel
    • Camera no longer jitters when flying away from targets rapidly or in the nebula
    • Camera fixes for afterburner rumble in conjunction with the Sol nebula
    • OSD text can never overflow past the translucent background.

We hope you enjoy this release!

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2 comments to Naev 0.5.0-beta2 is here!

  • Joseph Brower

    Awesome to see this. I’m excited to test this one out!

  • Tested the game in a few missions and is nice to see the names of the pirates that i have to find(in my missions), still the fps drop is present for me but is a bit better and the sound is really cool this time :)

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