Expanding on faction standing and landing

They don't take kindly to outsiders at Dvaered High Command.

To provide a brief overview: In 0.5.1, the landing and faction standing mechanics will be changing in a big way. They’re both no longer hard-coded in C, having been moved to flexible Lua scripts that can operate differently for each faction.

Important military outposts and such will . . . → Read More: Expanding on faction standing and landing

Naev 0.5.0 Release

Screenshot of Naev 0.5.0.

The Naev devteam is proud to announce the release of Naev 0.5.0! This release is the result of over a year of hard work done by nearly 30 committers. This release is just a step in the path for ultimate greatness and a major step forward in the maturity of Naev. It . . . → Read More: Naev 0.5.0 Release