Disabling Revamp

The player in a Mule being plundered by an evil Pirate Admonisher.

So, this was done a while back; finally getting around to posting about it. Briefly, we’ve changed how disabling works: Instead of auto-disabling when a ship reaches 30% base armour, you can now take disabling damage. As for how this works, weapons can now deal two types of damage: normal and disabling. Disabling damage is only applied when your armour is hit, and this increases your disable damage. If the amount of disabling damage taken exceeds your current armour, your ship is disabled. This applies to all ships and will make it so now you have to outfit to safely disable ships. However, specialized new missiles come to the rescue and provide disabling damage so that you don’t have to sacrifice shield piercing abilities for your cannons/turrets.

As a side note, this now means the player’s ship can be disabled. If your ship is disabled, you can be boarded, so prepare to see pirates boarding your poor, sad ship and looting your hard-earned funds. As a side mechanic, disabled ships do automatically recover after a while, so this means clumps of disabled ships won’t accumulate around dangerous jump points. There are limits to what they can steal, so don’t worry about losing all your credits to a lone pirate. We believe that this will make the game more interesting, especially as we introduce more complex mechanics that will interact with this.

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5 comments to Disabling Revamp

  • Great work guys! Looking forward to the new release and im glad that disabling ships is properly sorted into something unique and well thought out. I hated trying to disable ships and ending up destroying them, especially if disabling a ship is the actual objective.

    Hopefully ye can package up a binary release that is easy to run for the next release. I can’t run the binary release on Ubuntu 11.10 of NAEV 0.5.0.

  • Deiz

    You’re likely missing dependencies. You can find a full list on the Wiki, but you’re likely specifically missing libopenal1 and libsd-mixerl1.2

  • I have all dependencies installed on both my netbook and my desktop PC. Naev doesn’t work on either of them.

    Any other suggestions?

  • There is now a package on Playdeb for 11.10 users! Woo! 😀

  • DarthKev

    Any idea when you’ll make another release? In addition to the new gameplay mechanics, I’m looking forward to seeing Soromid ships and space. Well, that and blowing them to smithereens. 😀

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