Activated outfits

Running a jammer while the afterburner cools down.

Okay, so, on those activated outfits, they’re now up and running in the Git version. For those of you who are curious about how it works, I’ll explain it briefly.

An activated outfit is a piece of equipment that does something when manually activated in space. While it’s off it does nothing, but it also doesn’t use any energy. On the other hand, once an activated outfit is turned on the benefit it gives is usually quite noticeable, and can make a big difference if used right.

This means that the abilities activated outfits give you are highly situational and give you more things to worry about than just fly, point and shoot. In some ways, we are moving a little closer to the common skill bar you find in many action RPGs. Like those skills, our activated outfits can have a cooldown period too, which means you need to wait a certain time before you can use that same outfit again.

At the moment, we only have two activated outfits, those being the Missile Jammer (which slows down missiles close to you) and the Afterburner. But we have plans for quite a few other outfits. For example, how about an outfit that instantaneously transports your ship to another part of the system, or an outfit that lets you quickly recharge your shield at the cost of a big chunk of energy? The possibilities are many.

Activated outfits will be in the next release.

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4 comments to Activated outfits

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  • Sudarshan

    Cool new feature :)

    Unfortunately, this makes using the afterburner a lot harder, especially for people like me who rely on it to finish emergency shipping missions!

  • Deiz

    I was fond of perpetual afterburner use, but it’s always been a bug (even though it was nice to outpace nearly all AI ships).

    On the up-side, the “too slow” warnings that rush missions will give you at least make sense now.

    I was also fond of the dedicated afterburner key, so regressing to double-tap only kind of sucks. With the next release we’ll hopefully be adding hotkeys that can be mapped to arbitrary outfits, so that having a dedicated afterburner key doesn’t require juggling weapon groups.

  • Niarbeht

    Nice as this is, I can’t seem to find the jammer key anywhere in the keybinds area, leaving me in something of a pickle, having dropped 250k

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