Lua API Docs Added to Naev.org

Naev’s Lua API documentation has finally been integrated as a part of naev.org, under its very own subdomain: api.naev.org.

Some may note that the documentation has been around for some time, and that’s true. In fact, the effort dates to 2008, and has been kept in sync with the code ever since. It’s historically been hosted on a small VPS by bobbens, with a handful of links to it peppered throughout the Wiki, as well as a mention in the IRC channel’s topic (though I suspect 95% of IRC users never read channel topics).

With any luck, making the API documentation more easily accessible will spur on some mission developers. I’d be remiss if I didn’t reiterate a bit of the API documentation’s preamble: Naev includes an in-game Lua console, accessible via F2, by default. It provides access to the majority of the Lua API (excepting a few things that are tied to missions and events, such as the hook module) and is a useful tool for cheating testing code snippets for use in missions.

So, venture forth to Alteris and try something like:

for k,v in ipairs(pilot.get( faction.get("Pirate") )) do v:setHealth(0, 0) end

… because as everybody knows, you’re not having fun until you’re surrounded by spontaneously-exploding pirates.

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1 comment to Lua API Docs Added to Naev.org

  • Neonpico

    Now we begin the various (short-code / code-obsfucation / long-code) contests: see how many ways people come up with to do something exciting.

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