End of the 0.5 Release Cycle

Since 0.5.2’s release two weeks ago, a number of bugs have been caught and fixed, and several minor features have been implemented. We’ve decided to do another release in the short-term (0.5.3) which will hopefully be the last of the 0.5 series.

Following 0.5.3, our major focus will be implementing and polishing the slots proposal (essentially, making a ship’s core systems separately upgradable). This and a number of smaller features will be incorporated into 0.6.0.

Therefore, in order to make sure the last of the 0.5 releases is as bug-free as possible, we urge everyone to report any and all issues. Testing with a Git master build is preferred, as several issues have been fixed since 0.5.2, but bug reports from 0.5.2 are welcome. Check the issue tracker to make sure it’s not a duplicate. Safe flying!

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4 comments to End of the 0.5 Release Cycle

  • Chop

    So where do we get the 0.5.3 release from? Ive looked everywhere and cant seem to find it

  • bobbens

    It’s not released yet, we’re just stating our intention of releasing it before moving on the bigger changes.

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  • lephunghien

    maybe in Naev 0.6 we should have a new faction. They are not human but alien from another galaxy (may be their home world was be destroyed). Then maybe we should have an area called Galaxy Core. There game will be better.

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