Naev 0.5.3 Release

The Naev development team is proud to announce the release of Naev 0.5.3. This release fixes several bugs and introduces a few minor features. We aim for this to be the final release in the 0.5.x series, with 0.6.0 following in the not-so-distant future and bringing significant changes to ship equipping.

Perhaps most importantly, we’ve introduced a non-gameplay feature, portable mode. On launch, Naev will now look for a file named datapath.lua in the same directory as the Naev binary. The Windows installer provides this as an option, making it easy to install and run Naev from removable media.

Note that if you want to use portable mode with your existing saves, you’ll need to migrate your files manually. For Windows users, this means moving %APPDATA%\naev\ to naev-data\ within the directory Naev is installed to.

Download: https://sourceforge.net/projects/naev/files/naev-0.5.3/
Blog: http://blog.naev.org/
Forums: http://forum.naev.org/

Changes since 0.5.2:

  • Portable mode, allowing for Naev’s user data files (saves, screenshots, etc.) to be placed in arbitrary locations.
  • Afterburners now gradually overheat and have no fixed duration.
  • Active cooldown allows for rapid ship cooling.
  • Many typo fixes in missions and lore.
  • Fixed several rare crashes.
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15 comments to Naev 0.5.3 Release

  • Joern Rennecke

    I’ve downloaded naev-0.5.3-linux-x86-32, and I can’t seem to switch on the
    afterburners. When I type the key for a weapons group that should toggle it,
    nothing happens. When I try to add a scrambler, I see that the scambler can be
    toggled all right with a group that only includes the scrambler; a group that includes both afterburner and scrambler will only turn the scrambler on, but not
    off (can be turned off with the scrambler-only group though), and again the
    afterburner stays switched off.

    I’ve used naev-0.5.2-linux-x86-32 before and the afterburners worked (if they
    were not in he countdown phase after having been turned off). In fact, I had
    found using the afterburners for evasive action the best strategy for a Quicksilver
    pursued by pirates or similar.

  • bobbens

    Works fine here, you can also use “double tap forward” instead of weapon sets.

  • Joern Rennecke

    The double tap forward likewise only worked in 5.2.3, and altogether different from
    the weapons set: it causes a one-shot rumble event, but does not speeds the ship
    up only like a short tap forward would – i.e. it stays below 100%. Instead, it
    goes immediately into the lock-out mode. When the afterburner is already engaged
    because it has been toggled on via weapons set, it will be turned off.

    I double-checked the version number when I double-checked the 5.2.3 double-tap
    behaviour (ignored, not even a rumble), and found it was still using the 0.5.2 ndata!
    I had the ndata in /usr/share/naev/ndata-0.5.2 before, and a symlink in
    /usr/local/share/naev pointing to the /usr/share copy. Originally I had put the
    ndata-0.5.3 just into /usr/local/share/naev . I tried moving it into /usr/share/naev,
    without avail, then adding a symlink in /use/local/share/naev, still using
    /usr/share/naev/ndata-0.5.2 . Only when I moved the latter away did naev-5.2.3
    start using the symlink /usr/local/share/naev/ndata-0.5.3, and then the
    afterburners started working.
    That is to say, the toggling with weapons set works, and double-tap forward
    gives a one-shot rumble and turns off afterwards.

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  • ropius

    Where is savegame folder? I want to explore soromid planets with raised reputation, but my savegames are nowhere to find (from 5.0-5.2 savegames lay in ~/.naev) (I’m not cheater, just want to explore sorromid space, which is hard to access).

  • Billy Larlad

    You guys are awesome. It’s so wonderful to see an open source game with so much polish, and with developers who actively interface with users. Great work!

    I just wish Debian would package naev!

  • Matt

    Ok this is a bit stagnant what gives? april 15th is the last offcial update to the blog? Thats damn weird

  • Matt

    Ok this is a bit stagnant what gives? april 15th is the last offcial update to the blog? Thats damn weird/ whats goin on?

  • Durundal

    Hey guys, I want to say I just discovered Naev and it is awesome. Very refreshing to see what you have been able to accomplish – keep up the fantastic work!

  • postlet

    It might sound quite freaky to some people, but I finally found the time to continuously playtest naev-0.5.3-linux-x86-64 in longterm. A new game, on Ubuntu 12.04, for round about 18 hours – flawless. No bugs, no crashes, awesome (as were the former releases)!

    Just wanted to let you know and did not know where else to post. Therefore you get a late comment.

    Keep up the good work!

  • lephunghien

    Naev0.5.3 is good. But I don’t see any Consortium and Za’lek in game. And I want to see more kinds of planet and nebula in the next Naev 0.6.x

  • lephunghien

    I want to see Za’lek, Consortium and Thurion in Naev 0.6.x
    And it will be better if we have one more faction. This faction is not human, they are alien from another galaxy. Maybe their home world was destroyed.
    Then We should have a system (or Black Hole to unknown places) called Galaxy Core. The game will be more realistic.

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  • lobbynot

    Naev is really good and I am half addicted to the game, there is just one problem you still can not get points from soromid and I would really like that. What update will it be in?

  • lobbynot

    I had a bit of a think. Wouldn’t it be nice if you added 30-40 more ship or (space planes). because it would help very much, why is the Empire peacemaker the biggest ship there is, there should be at least 3 bigger ships after it?
    I think that would make the game more popular

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