Naev on Steam Greenlight

We have added an entry on Steam Greenlight for Naev, in hopes of reaching a larger audience for the game. Whether the game accrues enough upvotes to be published on Steam is of secondary importance – every extra pair of eyes that sees our entry is good for us.

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30 comments to Naev on Steam Greenlight

  • DarthKev

    I’d upvote it myself, but I don’t have a Steam account. Though I suppose I could make one just for that purpose…

  • Upvoted! Go get ’em Tiger.

  • Sudarshan S

    Awesome! Now the only platforms pending are the App Store and the Windows marketplace :)

  • smakx

    This is a good move, this amazing game needs more promotion. I can;t believe I just found it myself, between this and FTL, I have no free time left.

  • Christor

    I am suprised to not see Linux support at Steam Greenlight.

  • BTAxis

    Steam currently only supports Windows and Mac, Linux is not an option you can pick.

    Steam now allows you to specify linux as a platform, so I have done so.

  • Koen

    I just found out recentrly about this game and I have to say what a rollercoaster it has been.

    Have been looking for a game that gave me the EV feel for years !!! Keep up the good work hope you guys get more exposure ! Love the stuff you guys are doing!!!

  • Koen

    Please do something about your logo / name though it is the first thing people see !

  • BTAxis

    What about them?

  • Woot! Hope you guys get it!

  • Josh

    If the game gets on steam, you could give it steam multiplayer. Multiplayer would really make this game.

  • Jon

    Just upvoted NAEV on Steam Green light. I’ve been playing .53 and enjoying myself. There is room for growth and I’m excited to see how the game continues to evolve

  • Your game looks great guys, I sure hope you get the exposure you deserve.

  • Modest

    Latest version is 0.5.3, right? And it was released in april 2012… Correct? Than let me ask – is it dead? Is it evolving still? I am asking because it feels very strange that there is no newer posts on a blog. Also forum feels quite dead and deserded (not in 100%, but still). Yet I must say that game looks and feels really great. It is just awersome. I have still EV Nowa on my computer and I love it. It would be extremly sad if such great re-make (if I can call it that) would just die… :(

  • BTAxis

    I hesitate to call it dead, but the truth is that nobody is really putting any effort into development anymore. The people are still around, but they’re either busy with other things or unmotivated.

  • Modest

    Thank You for a reply. Sad… Very sad if One will look at what devs were able to achieve. Even more sad if One will read what They hoped to achieve. But I can not say I don’t understand – afther all it was free project and there was no profit in it… Again – thank You for sincire reply BTAxis.

  • Novus

    It’s probably been mentioned before, but have you considered kickstarter? Money can be quite a motivator, and this game has the potential to be really cool with more loving care. It’s come far to die so unpolished.

  • […] SOURCE: http://blog.naev.org/2012/09/naev-on-steam-greenlight/ This entry was posted in Uncategorized on January 31, 2013 by […]

  • tru7h

    This game is wonderful, it brought me instantly back to the memories of playing EV, EVO and Nova.

    I’m sad to hear that this might be abandoned, I would pay money for this game as is. Is there anything that can be done to help continue things?

    – An old #ev3 loner

  • BTAxis

    Yes of course. You can actively contribute to the further development of the game by writing code, creating missions, adding content, etc.

    But, if you’re asking if there’s some way you can just press a button and make everything work out magically, then I’m afraid the answer is no. If you want things to change, you’ve got to change said things yourself.

  • I’ve got a few ideas for missions. I’m a noob at contributing, but I’ll get them all together and see if I can’t work out what to do. Cheers! This is great fun.

  • Zaph

    Muy buen juego! Espero que se siga desarrollando.

    Mucha gente a comentado en Steam que le gusta el juego.

    Google Traslator:

    Very good game! I hope they continue to develop.

    Many people commented on Steam who likes the game.

  • Kickstarter??

    Would the developers consider a Kickstarter project to keep development going? I would really hate to see this thing die completely!!

  • Knut Sindre

    I would support a kickstarter (:

  • Mark

    I would support the crap out of this on kickstarter lol

  • Iulian

    I have really enjoyed this game on Lubuntu GNU/Linux OS. I want to congratulate the team for this great game they made. I can recognize a lot of effort into this. I also.. played quite a lot. It’s very fun and addictive. Cheers!

  • Kilroy

    Kickstart this and you can have my bank account. Do it before AmbrosiaSW closes its doors and you lose the forums over there and the other EV diehards.

  • lobbynot

    Go have fun. It should help. — please get more ships on the game

  • lobbynot

    Go have fun. It should help.

  • IceIvan45

    Love EV! I also love any game that is close to the same! I have not tried Naev but I plan to.

    I did not see Naev in Steam Greenlight last time I checked, which was about a month ago, though I was not specifically looking for it either. I will check it again to be sure.

    Keep the genre alive and I will buy it!!!

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