Hello everyone, here’s an update about the state of affairs surrounding Naev. I know, right? Yes, it’s been almost two years since our last post. You might think that that means little or nothing has been happening with the project, and mostly this is true, but not entirely.

Let’s start with the thing that prompted this post in the first place. A great man once said:

Hello there, old Bean.

“One does not simply get greenlit on Steam.”

But, as we all know, Sean tends to be wrong about these things. As a matter of fact, Naev has been officially greenlit. This came as something as a surprise, since although people did occasionally comment and vote on the Greenlight page it was by no means a hive of activity. But there you have it. Needless to say this is good news indeed.

In other news, work has been going into the core slots system that currently only exists in the development version. The system is described in earlier posts, and Deiz has been improving the core outfit definitions. You can view his notes on the wiki. Once that is finished we’re hoping to get the game ready for a new release numbered 0.6.0. We may yet run into issues that have to be resolved first, but we’d really like to get a new release out the door in hopes of rekindling interest in the project. Fingers crossed!

There has also been some discussion recently about the relationship between armour and shields within the game. There is some writing about that on the wiki as well. It should be noted that this is not a proposal or anything we plan to do, at this point we haven’t decided on any course of action and the floor remains open for debate.

Other than that a whole slew of minor corrections and content has also been constantly creeping in from a lot of different people. We hope this will make the experience smoother and more enjoyable for everyone.

That’s it for now. Let’s hope there won’t be too much time until the next blog post.

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6 comments to Helloooo

  • I’ve been checking this blog faithfully for years, and almost did a double take today when I saw the new post. Outstanding news! Can’t wait to see how Naev develops. Thanks for the update, and good luck with the upcoming release.

  • Niarbeht

    I’m VERY happy to hear this project is still alive and kicking!

  • JP

    ahh! terrific!

  • Tivus

    That’s more than great news! Just when I was going through what should I delete to free space on my HD and stumbled upon Naev, and decided not to remove it, comes this news to us. Thank you, folks!

  • Bob J

    Amazing news! I haven’t checked this site in quite some time and I am glad I did. I will have to check out Naev on Steam. Not too many good space-related games have been out lately. It has been 10 years since I played Haegemonia and EV3.

  • XsquibX

    I had heard about this project a LOOONG while ago and wasn’t much interested, but the other day I found some gameplay content and some posts in various forums and had to come see what had changed. I like where everything seems to be going and I love you guys for working on the next EV!

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