ndata is dead, long live ndata

So here’s a recent development that may interest some of you out there. As you may know, Naev’s game data (sounds, images, script files, etc) comes packaged in an archive called ndata when you download a stable version. It’s a simple thing, little more than a concatenation of the files, but the trouble with it was that we were using our own format. This made it rather annoying to do anything with it other than just play the game.

As of today, ndata’s format has changed, thanks to nloewen. It is now an uncompressed zip archive. This format is ubiquitous and supported by everything and its uncle, so it is now much easier to get at the data files themselves when downloading a stable release. The main upside to this is that people who are interested in how the game works, or in changing parts of the game can directly start tinkering without the need to re-download the data files from git.

It’s a small change that doesn’t affect the game itself, but I’m happy to see the switch finally made.

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8 comments to ndata is dead, long live ndata

  • IceIvan45

    Good, I thought with ndata being dead the progress stopped. Glad that is not the case.

    I just happened upon this game when I was googling EV hoping to find some current re-makes or sequels.

    From the pictures I saw, it looks a lot like EV gameplay and style (which is good!). Adding your own art and design style is good too, it will not deter me from the game. I will download the windows format after work today and test out the gameplay for myself. I will leave some feedback on the feel of the game, how fun, the freedom of choice, and overall flow.

    Thanks again for keeping the dream alive!

  • IceIvan45

    Now if only we could get someone to make a EV sequel in a first-person perspective like the X series. Same trading, same mechanics, just a different view and possibly nice 3d graphics. That would be awesome!

  • Peter

    So is this a requirement for the current stable (0.5.3) still or not? I’m assuming yse and this is simply a development progession.

  • JB

    I have been checking in on the regular, and haven’t seen a post in a long while. I would love to see this project stay active. I will be your biggest cheer leader, unless there is a way that a “works with his hands and knows nothing of code or art” kinda guy can help.

  • L0cNaR

    I have loved this TC in every aspect of it’s deserved magnificence.
    MINUS the bad start point I received with a broken nav-point or map. Please continue your awesome work. i really think that your dedication could yield a mobile app at the least let along actualizing your current developmental potential for pulling off a top-down space-action-RPG

    Nothing since the birth of EV has even made me smile like the inane diologue of your current NPC’s

  • Chuck Finley

    I am very interested in tinkering with this game but can’t seem to access the ndata file. I’ve tried opening it with 7zip. There is a folder in the game directory called “naev-data”, but the only folders contained therein are “saves” and “nebula”. No other images (besides the nebula images) or sound files can be found. How can I change things like sounds and images and notice the changes in-game?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Me

    Is this game dead? Is there ANYBODY??????

  • ids1024

    @Me The game is not dead. A beta for the next release should be coming out soon.

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