GitHub & Issue Tracker Changes

We’ve been gradually migrating away from Google Code for a long time now — First we switched to Git and migrated our repositories to GitHub, then we moved the wiki to wiki.naev.org, and lastly downloads moved to SourceForge due to ndata’s size growing.

The only Google Code service we’ve been making use of these past few years has been the issue tracker, and with the recently-announced impending shutdown of Google Code, now seems as good a time as any to finish our migration.

We’ve also decided to shuffle our repositories around a bit to make Naev’s GitHub presence more cohesive. To that end, Naev’s main repository is now github.com/naev/naev instead of bobbens/naev. If you’re a contributor or have a fork of Naev, don’t worry — bobbens/naev remains as a redirect to naev/naev, so you don’t need to update your Git configuration.

Secondly, all issues have been migrated to github.com/naev/naev/issues, and that’s where new issues should be submitted. All issues and their comments have been preserved, but if you have an open bug and want to be notified when it’s updated, please subscribe to it on GitHub.

As we were only using Google Code for issue tracking and it was otherwise chock full of outdated information, we’ve shuttered the site and it now redirects to the blog.

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