Naev 0.6.0 Release

The Naev development team is proud to announce the release of Naev 0.6.0, our first stable release in nearly three years.

This release features over 1600 commits from some 38 contributors, as well as small fixes from many more. Its main features are the core slots system, which allows ships to be more heavily customized, as well as full SDL2 support, which greatly improves Naev’s fullscreen behaviour among other things.

Download: https://sourceforge.net/projects/naev/files/naev-0.6.0
Blog: http://blog.naev.org/
Forums: http://forum.naev.org/

Changes since 0.5.3:


  • Core slots system
    • Ships must have a core system, engine, and hull equipped to take off
    • Ships’ attributes are mostly defined by their cores
    • Total of 95 core outfits
  • Naev’s data is now stored in a zip file, making contributing easier than ever
  • Greatly improved SDL2 support (now default)
    • Support for window resizing and toggling fullscreen without restarting
    • Drag-and-drop ndata loading when ndata can’t be found
    • Fake fullscreen is used by default to avoid turning off other monitors
    • Fullscreen toggling via keybind (F11 by default)
  • Improved keyboard-and-mouse gameplay, with an optional WASD layout
  • Autonav improvements
    • Autonav resets time accel instead of aborting (onpon4)
    • Improved autonav behaviour when pushed off of jump points
  • Activated outfits get hotkeys by default
  • Fuel is now provided for free at spaceports
  • Auto-braking (Ctrl-S by default) in lieu of a dedicated Active Cooldown key
  • Ships only need to be spaceworthy when taking off (Avihay)
  • Added on-screen “PAUSED” indicator (can be disabled in conf.lua)
  • Local system maps can be bought from the landing screen


  • Greatly expanded galaxy
    • 150+ new systems and 500+ new planets
    • Za’lek faction added (Viruk and Lineth)
    • Expanded pirate space (Lukc)
  • New missions
    • Added 6 repeatable missions
    • Added 10 scripted missions
    • Greater mission availability in Soromid space (BSoD-naev)
    • New Sirius mission string, “Heretic” (l0k1)
    • Several repeatable pirate missions (Lukc)
    • New FLF mission and two neutral missions by brognam
  • 3 new songs by Askyel and saturn6
  • Innumerable typo and content fixes by PhoenixRiver, perey, m1foley, ids1024, and others
  • Cargo missions are longer-range (up to 6 jumps)
  • Added hidden jumps, currently only discoverable via special maps


  • Error logs are now stored to help with issue reporting
    • Windows: %APPDATA\naev\logs\
    • OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/naev/logs/
    • Linux: ~/.local/share/naev/logs/
  • Fixed save corruption issues on Windows
  • Dynamic news support for missions and events (BariumBlue)
  • See the news Lua API module for more information
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17 comments to Naev 0.6.0 Release

  • hidden ev fan

    Will have to redownload and see how the additional content’s lookin :)

    Keep it up!

  • Eduardo

    I can’t imagine how I have never heard of this game before.. This is awesome!

  • Billy Larlad

    Amazing! I commend everyone who is working hard to keep this project alive.

  • Mothra

    please Fix that when enemy ships are near the speed up for Auto-Navigatiobn Stops

  • need

    you need to have updata for fedora 21 it is anoying me and sorry if i seem rood realy

  • Hselmak

    Thank you so much for “reviving” old EV Nova memories! cheers to the devs!

  • John

    I spent a great many hours playing this game a couple years ago, can’t wait to get at it again! Great job guys!

  • Mothra

    Just a wonderfull game keep it updated

  • br0k3

    Awesome Job All! Bobbens, Glad to see the SDL2 features and window resizing without restarting game :-). Will have to give a go and get some gaming on this weekend!

    Thanks all who are dev’n with their spare time and contributing content!! let’s keep this alive!!


  • Niarbeht

    Yay! \=D/

  • Mothra

    when there will the next uptade maybe with new Factions, Ships, Planets, Faction Specific Quests, and more

  • Hammer

    I’m having trouble downloading ndata.zip. From the installer, I get a forbidden error. Downloading manually is just a blank white page. and I can’t even register to post on the forums because I don’t know the subtitle :(. If anyone knows what’s up with this, or if there’s an alternate place to download ndata, I would like that, as I really loved EV: Nova

  • evan

    Thank you all who contributed, you do a fantastic job. I was about to go to sleep in a matter, not anymore 😀

  • Old Timer (or so he thinks)

    I have played Naev for many years, and have been waiting for what seems like an endless time for this release. I yelped louder than I have in many years when seeing this release. I look forward to playing it in the morning.


    Exciting. I’m probably exaggerating the significance of this release, but with all the new content I’ma have some stuff to catch up on. (Naev was and will be once again, my favorite use of my free time.) … I cannot express my gratitude hard enough wow

  • Jretrogamer

    This game looks to be exactly what I was searching for! I was a fan of Solar Winds long long ago. I will be trying this one today :) !

  • Aron

    I cannot tell you how thrilled this update makes me.

    The spirit of Escape Velocity lives on!

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