XDG Part Deux

As with the previous post, this pertains solely to *nix (primarily Linux and Mac OS X) users. Windows users are warned to avert their eyes to avoid irreversible Unixification.

I’m not a fan of pushing maintenance duty onto end-users, so I’ve done some work to automate the XDG configuration update process bobbens mentioned.

When first running the next . . . → Read More: XDG Part Deux

UNIX gets XDG Compliancy

This change only affects UNIX platforms (that includes linux and mac os x). Now in git master we have recently merged changes that should bring Naev up to the XDG Base Directory specification. What does this mean? First off it means that no longer will Naev’s per user stuff sit in “~/.naev” but instead it will . . . → Read More: UNIX gets XDG Compliancy

OpenAL showcase

With 0.5.0-beta2 out the door I decided to work on more videos to show off missions and fancy things we do in Naev. I first decided to record the OpenAL effects (EFX) we do in the nebula. For this I decided to show off the “Destroy the FLF base” mission. If you do not want to . . . → Read More: OpenAL showcase

Correct Physics


After much insistence on Deiz that something was wrong since we needed a hack to get ships to properly display 100% speed, we’ve finally found the culprit. Some old code of mine that what it did was:

void limit_speed( Vector2d* vel, const double speed, const double dt )
 double vmod;
vmod = . . . → Read More: Correct Physics

Heat is the new accuracy

As some of you may have known, we have had plans to remove the old EV-style accuracy model. It’s a bit forced in the sense that it’s the future and stuff like laser cannons can’t hit the broad side of a barn.  This has been discussed before and finally it was decided to use heat to . . . → Read More: Heat is the new accuracy