Naev is on steam!

After a long road, Naev 0.7.0 is now available on steam! At the current time Windows and Linux (64 bits) are supported.

We note that Naev will still remain an open source project, and no steam-specific changes have been done, i.e., Naev on steam is the same as on github. Finally, Naev will remain free on the . . . → Read More: Naev is on steam!

Naev 0.7.0 Release

We are proud to release Naev 0.7.0, which will also be the first release included on Steam (thanks again for the Greenlight and sorry for the delay!). This version includes new missions and a swathe of improvements and fixes overall and contains patches from 25 different contributors.

At the current time, we are not providing Mac OS . . . → Read More: Naev 0.7.0 Release

Naev 0.6.1 Release

It’s been a while, but we’re proud to announce Naev 0.6.1. This is a minor release that has a slew of fixes, improvements and missions. It fixes some important issues that cropped up in the previous release and thus we highly encourage everyone to update to 0.6.1.

This release would have not been possible without the help . . . → Read More: Naev 0.6.1 Release

Naev 0.6.0 Release

The Naev development team is proud to announce the release of Naev 0.6.0, our first stable release in nearly three years.

This release features over 1600 commits from some 38 contributors, as well as small fixes from many more. Its main features are the core slots system, which allows ships to be more heavily customized, as well . . . → Read More: Naev 0.6.0 Release

GitHub & Issue Tracker Changes

We’ve been gradually migrating away from Google Code for a long time now — First we switched to Git and migrated our repositories to GitHub, then we moved the wiki to wiki.naev.org, and lastly downloads moved to SourceForge due to ndata’s size growing.

The only Google Code service we’ve been making use of these past few years . . . → Read More: GitHub & Issue Tracker Changes

Naev 0.6.0-beta2 Release

The Naev development team is proud to announce the release of Naev 0.6.0-beta2, which will hopefully be the final beta release before 0.6.0 stable. This release brings a few minor features, a slew of bugfixes, and improved SDL2 support.

The most notable features mostly relate to the SDL2 improvements: Naev’s resolution can now be changed on the . . . → Read More: Naev 0.6.0-beta2 Release

0.6.0-beta1 Hotfix for Windows

We’ve just released updated Windows installers to remedy save corruption and a related crash.

Simply download and re-run the installer. It’s fine to run over top of the existing install, and you do not need to re-download ndata.

Windows (32-bit)
Windows (64-bit)

The issue affects all versions of Windows, as long as save compression is enabled (which is the default). . . . → Read More: 0.6.0-beta1 Hotfix for Windows

0.6.0-beta1 Release

Our last release was 0.5.3, way back in April 2012. Two years, ten months and some 1400 commits later, we’ve finally prepared another release.

We are proud to announce the 0.6.0-beta1 release today, and with any luck the final 0.6.0 stable version will be released before March.

Download: https://sourceforge.net/projects/naev/files/naev-0.6.0
Blog: http://blog.naev.org/
Forums: http://forum.naev.org/

A full changelog will accompany the stable release, . . . → Read More: 0.6.0-beta1 Release


Hello everyone, here’s an update about the state of affairs surrounding Naev. I know, right? Yes, it’s been almost two years since our last post. You might think that that means little or nothing has been happening with the project, and mostly this is true, but not entirely.

Let’s start with the thing that prompted this post . . . → Read More: Helloooo

Naev on Steam Greenlight

We have added an entry on Steam Greenlight for Naev, in hopes of reaching a larger audience for the game. Whether the game accrues enough upvotes to be published on Steam is of secondary importance – every extra pair of eyes that sees our entry is good . . . → Read More: Naev on Steam Greenlight