End of the 0.5 Release Cycle

Since 0.5.2’s release two weeks ago, a number of bugs have been caught and fixed, and several minor features have been implemented. We’ve decided to do another release in the short-term (0.5.3) which will hopefully be the last of the 0.5 series.

Following 0.5.3, our major focus will be implementing and polishing the slots proposal (essentially, . . . → Read More: End of the 0.5 Release Cycle

Naev 0.5.2 Release

The Naev development team is proud to announce the release of Naev 0.5.2. This is mainly a bugfix release, though it also introduces a small amount of content in the form of missions and outfits.

The new asset discovery mechanics have bothered quite a few people, so we’ve introduced a jump scanner outfit that greatly increases jump . . . → Read More: Naev 0.5.2 Release

Naev 0.5.1 Release

The Naev development team is proud to announce the release of Naev 0.5.1. It’s been nearly nine months since the release of 0.5.0, but we hope the release is worth the wait. With contributions by some twenty people, it’s one of our larger releases.

0.5.1 was originally intended to be a small feature release, released soon after . . . → Read More: Naev 0.5.1 Release

Naev is on Desura!

I suppose I should qualify that with an almost. Thanks to the efforts of #naev IRC regular oldtopman, we’re all set up and awaiting final approval. Once we go live, Naev will be is available via Desura on all of our usual supported platforms (32 and 64-bit Linux, Windows and Mac OS X). The Desura client . . . → Read More: Naev is on Desura!

Dev interview on gamingonlinux.com

The gaming blog Gaming on Linux has published an interview with Naev’s core development team. You can read . . . → Read More: Dev interview on gamingonlinux.com

More happenings

Hello everyone, and a belated happy 2012. It’s been rather quiet here on the blog, but I assure you that’s only because nobody has been posting on it. Elsewhere we’re all still tinkering away on the project, and we’re hoping to build toward a new release in the near future. Before we can do that though, . . . → Read More: More happenings

Naev 0.5.0 Release

Screenshot of Naev 0.5.0.

The Naev devteam is proud to announce the release of Naev 0.5.0! This release is the result of over a year of hard work done by nearly 30 committers. This release is just a step in the path for ultimate greatness and a major step forward in the maturity of Naev. It . . . → Read More: Naev 0.5.0 Release

Naev 0.5.0-beta2 is here!

Screenshot of Naev 0.5.0-beta2.

The Naev devteam is proud to announce the release of Naev 0.5.0-beta2. This is the second beta and is closer to a release candidate than a beta. We do not anticipate any major issues unlike with 0.5.0-beta1. We prefer to have another beta so the 0.5.0 release is rock solid.

Links are available . . . → Read More: Naev 0.5.0-beta2 is here!

Naev 0.5.0-beta1 released!

The Naev 0.5.0-beta1 release.

The Naev team is proud to announce the long-awaited 0.5.0-beta1 release. This is a beta release and therefore isn’t quite ready for the general public. While it’s highly unlikely that it will set your cat on fire and send threatening messages to your family, there are no guarantees.

It’s been over a year . . . → Read More: Naev 0.5.0-beta1 released!

New tutorial

You’ve all seen it. The message asking you if you wanted to play a tutorial whenever you created a new pilot. Well, I’m pleased to say that message won’t be bothering you anymore, because the tutorial has a new face.

Main menu with tutorial button

So, a new tutorial. What is different? Well, first of all the . . . → Read More: New tutorial