Naev 0.5.0-beta1 released!

The Naev 0.5.0-beta1 release.

The Naev team is proud to announce the long-awaited 0.5.0-beta1 release. This is a beta release and therefore isn’t quite ready for the general public. While it’s highly unlikely that it will set your cat on fire and send threatening messages to your family, there are no guarantees.

It’s been over a year . . . → Read More: Naev 0.5.0-beta1 released!

New tutorial

You’ve all seen it. The message asking you if you wanted to play a tutorial whenever you created a new pilot. Well, I’m pleased to say that message won’t be bothering you anymore, because the tutorial has a new face.

Main menu with tutorial button

So, a new tutorial. What is different? Well, first of all the . . . → Read More: New tutorial

Merge into Master

As a good sign of what’s going on, all changes have been merged into master and development is now going to be done there. Some stats on the change:

naev: Edgar Simo master * rc7d316d / (9 files in 3 dirs): Merge branch ‘balance’ of git://github.com/Deiz/naev into tutorial (+1161 more commits…) – http://bit.ly/fmcrdB

[bobbens@ghanima (~/usr/prj/naev)] $ git diff . . . → Read More: Merge into Master


As part of our move to become more independent from Google’s services, which should allow us more flexibility and comfort, we have decided to host our own wiki. This wiki will allow us to organize proposals, todo and overall design considerations by centralizing them. This does not make either the forums or the mailing list obsolete, . . . → Read More: Wikinaev

Naev Etymology

Today we’ll talk about the name of this game: it’s history, pronunciation and how to write it. First off a bit of history, as you probably do know, NAEV originally stood for “Neutron Accelerated Extreme Velocity” although “Not Another Escape Velocity” was also widely accepted. The original idea was to sort of create an improved clone . . . → Read More: Naev Etymology

NAEV 0.4.2 is now available in openSUSE

While development continues towards 0.5.0, increased availability of the current stable release is always a good thing. NAEV can now be found in the openSUSE Games repository.

See here for downloadable packages for openSUSE 11.3. There are also packages built for a number of other RPM-based distributions, including Mandriva and Fedora listed by the build service, downloadable . . . → Read More: NAEV 0.4.2 is now available in openSUSE

Arch Linux: NAEV now included in Community repository.

The packages (naev and naev-data) are still quite new, so some mirrors may not have synced yet.

Special thanks to cleanrock, who created and maintained the Arch User Repository PKGBUILD, and to those who voted for NAEV’s inclusion in the official repositories, without which we’d likely not . . . → Read More: Arch Linux: NAEV now included in Community repository.

NAEV is now a social butterfly.

So, we’ve got the forum up, this blog, and now an Identi.ca account (which will also submit its posts to Twitter automatically, take your pick) for those who aren’t fond of RSS feeds.

Suffice to say, the Web 2.0 transformation is complete.

To keep this post at least somewhat development-related: we may be releasing a soundtrack alongside 0.5.0. . . . → Read More: NAEV is now a social butterfly.

NAEV forum added.

To complement this blog, we’ve now added a forum to the site.

It’s somewhat bare at the moment, but it should provide a good venue for feedback, and it’s certainly a more familiar format for many users who aren’t used to mailing lists and IRC channels.

The observant NAEV players among you may have noticed that the blog . . . → Read More: NAEV forum added.