What if Naev had cheat codes?

Many of you will have used the in-game Lua console to cheat, or at least know how to. But I was thinking, what if cheating was a feature? So I came up with this for the on-start event:

godsequence = {“left”, “right”, “left”, “right”,
. . . → Read More: What if Naev had cheat codes?

Manual Zoom and Dizzyness

It has come to my attention that numerous people become dizzy while playing Naev. As it is to my interest that no physical discomfort happen while playing Naev I’ve dealt with probably the first cause which is the zoom. While the zoom is nice to have automatic (and you can tweak it’s behaviour), it seems like . . . → Read More: Manual Zoom and Dizzyness

Overlay Keybinding Change

Some of you may have realized that the overlay now maps the overlay map keybinding to tab. This makes it hard to select ships. How to fix this?

Go to options
Click keybindings
Find the target_next and click set
Click the ‘t’ key
Find the target_prev and click set
Hold the control key and click the ‘t’ key

That should bind the old . . . → Read More: Overlay Keybinding Change

It’s shiny and new.

I’ve griped numerous times that between releases, NAEV is a very quiet project.

The vast majority of our discussions occur on our IRC channel, which typically has around 30 users. Each of our releases sees thousands of downloads, yet even the mailing list has less than a hundred subscribers.

That is to say, our discussions never reach more . . . → Read More: It’s shiny and new.